Tile/Stone and Grout cleaning

Tile Cleaning Calabasas
Tile Cleaning Sherman Oaks

Tile/Stone and Grout  Cleaning Services

  • Tile and grout cleaning.

  • Grout sealant protection.

  • Stone cleaning.

  • Residential and Commercial service.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our certified technicians will do a complete and comprehensive pre-inspection to address any specific areas of concern and use the proper techniques to clean, revitalize, and protect these special types of surfaces. Pre-treatment is key to a successful cleaning. Our natural based cleaning solutions cut through spots and spills. Safely breaking down food, drink, and everything else your family can throw at it. With the use of a tile brush and a little elbow grease, the agitation helps loosen embedded stains in the tile and grout. Our high-powered steam rinse is then applied using a specialized padded tile wand to safely clean and sanitize your tiles without scratching or damaging the surface. Simultaneously, we use our water extraction methods to remove those deposits along with the chemical residues and bacteria from the surface.