Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Calabasas
Carpet Cleaning Woodland Hills

Carpet Cleaning Benefits:

  • Regularly sceduled cleanings will significantly reduce harmful dust, allergens and bacteria.

  • Can remove bed bugs, dust mites and their eggs.

  • Deodorizing your carpet, can freshen the room’s air and make it more pleasant.

  • Carpets are much softer after a good cleaning.

  • Stain removal will make a room look new again.

  • Our cleaning process will extend the life of your wall to wall carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Our special deep-cleaning process, revitalizes wall to wall carpets and freshens up entire rooms. Our technicians will examine the condition of the carpet and note areas in need of special attention. Pre-treatment is key to a successful cleaning. Our natural based cleaning solutions cut through heavily soiled areas, in order to remove spots, stains and debris. Once, the carpet has been properly prepped, the technicians will begin using the truck-mounted machine to spray our special cleaning solution on to the carpet, while simultaneously sucking up all of the dirt, pet hair and dust mites out of the carpet. Our powerful truck-mounted machines will leave your carpets cleaned thoroughly, smelling fresh, and dry within 3 to 4 hours.